SURI-GOMA(Ground sesame)

GROUND SESAMEIt is mixture of ground white sesame and moderate amount of black sesame. As for white sesame, it toasted 2 times for best fragrant. You can use it easily without further grinding.

Ingredients Sesame
Net weight/Pic./Size 50g(1.41oz.)  GOMANORI FURIKAKE  175*90*10mm
Price US$2.7

GOMA-AE-NO-MOTO(Instant Roasted Sesame)

INSTANT ROASTED SESAMEInstant toasted sesame already included some seasonings so it is easily used for cooking. Just only mixing it to boiled vegetables, then you can enjoy healthy meal which is filled with nice flagrance of toasted sesame. 1 pack of instant toasted sesame contains 140g spinach.

Ingredients Sesame, sugar, dried soy sauce (soy sauce, dextrin, salt), salt, yeast extract, powdered dried fish (bonito, sardine, mackerel), powdered sea tangle, (include wheat)
Net weight/Pic./Size 10g(0.35oz.)  INSTANT TOSSED SESAME  120*80*10mm
Price 10g×12 Serv. :US$9

KUROGOMA-KINAKO (Roasted soy flour with black sesame)

ROASTED SOY FLOURIt is mixture of 60% soybean and 40% black sesame, ground together. Soybean are called “meat of farm” and sesame are called “edible medicine”. It is nice as toppings for ice cream, yoghurt, rice cake, milk and any kinds of sweets. Please add some sugar as your preference.

Ingredients Soybean, Black sesame
Net weight/Pic./Size 80g(2.82oz.)  ROASTED SOY FLOUR  175*90*10mm
Price US$3.8