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Matcha(Powdered green tea)

Tea farm Asahina,Shizuoka pref.This farm is Asahina(Fujieda-city), Shizuoka-pref.
Asahina is known as one of the three major "Gyokuro tea(refined green tea)" production areas in Japan.
With the highest quality Ryokucha know as "Gyokuro" and midium-quality Ryokucha called "Sencha".

Tea farm Asahina,Shizuoka pref. Covered tea farm.Matcha green tea growing as same as Gyokuro growing use straw or black cover. It's called "KANREISHA" to cover them from direct sunlight.

Tea leafIn little sunlight the tea leaves produce more Chlorophyll and L-Theanine.
And as a result the Matcha has vivid green color and UMAMI.

Process of Matcha 1Plucked tea leaf.

Process of Matcha 2Steamed tea leaf for oxidation enzyme deactivation.
Oxidation enzyme deactivation can keep green color tea leaf.

Process of Matcha 3Real steamed tea leaf.

Process of Matcha 4Tea leaf drying.

Process of Matcha 5Tea leaf drying.

Process of Matcha 6Tencha dried tea leaves(unsorted green tea. It's called TENCHA ARACHA).

Process of Matcha 7Pounded down to eliminate such impurities as the veins of leaves, and further ground by so called "Isiusu or Chausu".

Process of Matcha 8The quality of Matcha (powdered green tea) is taste and a fragrance and color. The left is much better than the right.

Matcha(Powdered green tea)We have arranged three types of Japanese Matcha(Powdered green tea). Asa,Miyabi,Takumi.Takumi is the higest among the three.
We can arrange 30g,500g,1kg
Picture is 30g.

・Pure Matcha and Green tea powder Product List (PDF)

Matcha(Powdered green tea) Asa

Matcha(Powdered green tea) Miyabi

Matcha(Powdered green tea) Takumi